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Wynwood park competition calling global designers

June 3, 2014

Wynwood Park



The Wynwood Walls will get a new artistic neighbor soon, thanks to a competition that is inviting global artists to design its new green space.

The Wynwood Gateway Park Competition is calling architects, landscapers, designers, artists and engineers to design a park over two private lots at the corner of 29th Street and Northwest Second Avenue, in the heart of Wynwood.

The 14,000-square-foot lot, which his currently a parking lot behind a Ducati dealership, is owned by Metro 1 Properties, Inc. President Tony Cho, the organizer of the contest. The competition will be open to international submissions and there is no fee to apply.

“I’m hoping to really see some really good cutting-edge design that incorporates sustainability, urban agriculture and that’s really progressive and fresh for Miami and Wynwood,” Cho said.

Metro 1, a Wynwood real estate developer with a focus on sustainability, partnered with the American Institute of Architects and DawnTown, an annual international architecture ideas competition for downtown Miami, develop and judge the competition.

Applications and portfolios are due by June 10. So far about 50 applicants from 15 countries have sent in their portfolios. A maximum of 10 finalists will be announced June 23 to develop a concept for the new space. The final designs will be presented to a panel of eight judges by the end of August.

The grand prize is $10,000 and the job, if the winner is a landscape architect or qualified to develop the site. Second place takes $5,000 and third takes $2,500.

Cho said he hopes the self-funded project will add some green to a downtown landscape that has been devoid of it. It is the second phase of the Gateway Complex project, the first of which brought Ducati, the luxury Italian motorcycle company, to Wynwood in March. The complex will also be home to small boutiques, and now, grassy landscapes.

“I have been reinforced by how important town squares, public spaces and parks are for creating quality of life,” Cho said. “I want to have a park where people can just be inspired, and engaged and be together.”

The park is slated for completion by early 2015, or earlier, depending on the complexity of the chosen design. No parking will be included on the site.

Cho said he expects the space will be used for family gatherings, picnics, yoga and other leisure activities during the day and host concerts, open-air movie screenings, live performances or even weddings in the evening.

“I hope that it becomes something that is important for everyone in the community,” he said.

Applicants can submit their portfolios of now more than eight pages as PDF files via email to

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