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February 22, 2017


The Wynwood district of Miami is, perhaps, most famous for its arts district. Located just north of Downtown Miami, Wynwood has two separate districts, each with its own unique cultural flair: the aforementioned arts district, which is to the north, and the Wynwood fashion district, which runs along West 5th Avenue.

The Benefits of Working in Wynwood

There are many distinct features about working in Wynwood. Whether you choose to headquarter your business in the arts district or the fashion district, Wynwood has all the right features. For example, it’s home to one of the premier coworking spaces in Miami.

Commercial real estate in Miami has experienced a boom in development, thanks in no small part to the rise of coworking spaces that cater to digital nomads. The LAB Miami, one of the best-known coworking spaces in Miami, is in the heart of the Wynwood arts district and according to its official website, it offers “a diverse community of ideas and minds by carefully selecting members, and partner with a myriad of forward-thinking organizations to bring cutting-edge content to our members and the community at large.” If you need local creative professionals, look no further.

IMAGE CREDIT: The Daily Wood

It’s become a boon for investors. When so-called “hipsters” began investing in Miami real estate, the first place they targeted was the Wynwood district.

They invested in previously abandoned buildings, turning them into a wide variety of restaurants, small business shops, cafes and lounges.

When set against the backdrop of the large Puerto Rican community in the area — Wynwood was once commonly known as “Little San Juan” — these new commercial developments caused not only a renewed interest in the area’s real estate, but a unique offering that paid homage to the city’s past while looking to Miami’s future.

IMAGE CREDIT: The New Tropic

It’s one of the best neighborhoods in America. Miami residents already know that Miami is an amazing place to work and live, but Wynwood holds a special distinction; it’s one of the best neighborhoods in America, period.

The Miami New Times reported that, in 2015, Wynwood was named one of America’s greatest neighborhoods by the American Planning Association (APA), alongside Downtown Plano, TX, the Crossroads Art District in Missouri and the Roosevelt Row Arts District in Arizona.

If you’re looking for a great place to work and to headquarter your business, look no further than Wynwood.

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