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Wild New Architecture Coming to the Design District

May 11, 2015


Museum Garage Renderings via DACRA

Museum Garage [Renderings via DACRA] The next phase of the Miami Design District redevelopment has just been formally announced—an extension of the Paseo Ponti pedestrian mall and a northern plaza to be called Paradise Plaza along with new residential an a hotel—and along with it comes, of course, a generous selection of new architecture. And, via Dacra Development, new renderings.

As usual, it’s a laundry list of exotic-sounding architecture firms, with a few new faces. On 41st Street, the new Museum Garage will have surreal facades designed by Keenan/Riley, Work Architecture Company, Clavel Arquitectos, Nicolas Buffe, and Jürgen Mayer-Hermann. Across the street, the Institute of Contemporary Art (and the museum for which the Museum Garage is named, apparently) is being designed by Aranguren & Gallegos Arquitectos.

Around the corner, on NE 1st Avenue and 40th Street, Neri and Hu are designing the Sweetbird North Hotel, while Studio Gang designs the Sweetbird South condominiums. Retail buildings in Paradise Plaza are being designed by Daly Genik, Gililland, MOS, and Jonston Marklee. A multilevel retail building with what appear to be a level of condos above two of retail just to the west of Paradise Plaza (perhaps on NE 1st Avenue?) is called Stardust West, and being designed by NADAA.

Museum Garage

Johnston Marklee Paradise Plaza retail building

Sweetbird South Residences

Sweetbird North Hotel

Stardust West

Paradise Plaza MOS Building

Paradise Plaza Gililland Building

Paradise Plaza Daly Genik Building


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