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Ultra-Modern Buildings Proposed to Replace Scotty’s Landing

May 2, 2014

Miami has a well-deserved reputation for constantly evolving, with newer and more audacious buildings emerging every year in place of old and neglected ones. This understandably makes the Miami Commercial Real Estate market one of the most dynamic and sought-after in the country. It also attracts innovative and ambitious developers looking to leave their mark in this increasingly-prominent global city. Case in point: the array of ultra-modern buildings that are being proposed on the site of historic Scotty’s Landing. According to Curbed Miami, a local real estate news site, a developer called Grove Bay Investment Group has offered the only proposal thus far to redevelop both Scotty’s Landing and the historic Grove Key Marina. Designed by Bernard Fort-Brescia of the prominent Arquitectonica firm, these structures promise features that are both cutting-edge and convenient. As detailed by Curbed Miami: “The plan calls for the restoration of the two historic Pan Am seaplane hangars on the site, with one to be reused as retail with an emphasis on boat supplies and the other for boat storage. All large trees on the property will be preserved, with parkland being added where surface lots are today. Plantings will feature flora native to Florida and dominant to Coconut Grove. Building materials will include coral rock. Parking is concentrated in a four story garage, and a central pedestrian avenue bisects the site, from Bayshore Drive to the waterfront dining area. The waterfront dining area will replace the Scotty’s Landing and Chart House restaurants. There’s a large outdoor vertical boat storage area. A monument to the site’s important aviation history will be at the heart of the development, just behind a waterfront stand of banyan trees which themselves will become the center of what the plan calls ‘Banyan Tree Park.’” Needless to say, this ambitious endeavor will bring a lot business and prominence to this increasingly popular area. Miami commercial real estate continues to boom with more exciting developments such as these. To learn more about this dynamic and rewarding market, contact Metro 1 CRE, the leading leading Miami Commercial Real Estate Company, at 305-571-9991.

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