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Uber, the Text Messaging Car Service, is Coming to Miami

June 27, 2013

Miami is one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities. With an influx of young professionals, multinational companies, and cutting edge buildings, this vibrant metropolis has been the center of many innovative approaches to urban living.

It’s no wonder that pioneering businesses like Uber have their eyes on the city. As the Miami New Times reports, Miami may soon host of the country’s most unique taxi services:

Uber, a tech-savvy car service spreading across the country, has an alternative. Simply launch the app on your smartphone, request a car, track it on a map as it makes its way, and get in the black luxury car when it arrives. Your bill, which includes a preset tip, is charged directly to your credit card.

Needless to say, this unique service makes riding a taxi far more convenient and luxurious than previously imagined. Furthermore, it would certainly suit a bustling and fast-growing metropolis like Miami, especially given the ever-growing influx of international travelers and tourists.

Thankfully, despite previous legal snags, efforts are underway to open the local market up to Uber:

The company announced on its blog that Commissioner Audrey Edmonson has introduced legislation to the Miami-Dade County Commission that would eliminate many of the rules that forbid Uber from entering the market.


Miami-Dade has a lot of regulations that limit the operation of non-taxi car services, and requires them to charge a price of $70 even for just a one-stop ride. Edmonson’s proposal would eliminate much of those regulations.

This is very exciting news, and will definitely put a chic spin on public transportation, one that certainly befits a trendy city like Miami. New and audacious ideas such as Uber emerge in Miami all the time, which largely explains the allure of Miami Properties for residents and businesses alike.

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