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Trolley Starts Free Rides in Downtown Miami

May 1, 2013

Miami’s central districts, which include Downtown Miami and Midtown, have undergone significant revitalization over the past several years. The area is the fastest-growing in Miami-Dade County, as businesses and urban living enthusiasts flock to the chic new lofts and condos that are emerging in full force.

In response to this unprecedented growth, the city’s iconic trolley-inspired public transportation system is expanding into the center. Curbed Miami, a website covering local estate news, has the details:

“Tomorrow, Miami’s consistently expanding “Trolley” system – buses designed with a vaguely retro trolley look – will expand yet again with a new route from downtown to Midtown and the Design District, with loops at either end, frequent stops along Biscayne Boulevard, and a trolley coming approximately every fifteen minutes at each stop. Congratulations Miami, you’re just an itty bitty bit less car dependent than you used to be. Baby steps, baby steps. Coming in September, trolleys will run down Coral Way too.”

The expansion of this popular service is a testament to the growth and popularity of this area. Although Miami is popular characterized as a sprawling metropolis composed of numerous built-up communities, its previously neglected urban core has become increasingly popular for both suburban residents and new arrivals. Communities like Wynwood, the Design District, and Edgewater have become the epicenter of urban living and culture.

In fact, along with Downtown and Midtown Real Estate, these Miami Properties are among the most sought-after in the county. There are plenty of attractions for residents looking for a high-quality of life, while businesses can benefit from a growing pool of consumers and skilled workers.

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