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Top 10 Restaurants Wynwood

July 7, 2017

As the trendy, hip, art, urban scene in Miami continues to grow and develop, the spaces within it are flourishing into established staples creating what we today know as Wynwood. Not only is Wynwood a designated spot to view all kinds of artwork, but it also holds the trendiest and most delicious restaurants in Miami. Wynwood offers restaurants for everyone whether you’re a meat lover or health guru. Often people question what the best restaurants are at the moment. So, if you have are one of those people who too wants to know the go to restaurants in Wynwood here is a list of the top 10.

1. Alter

wynwood alter

Chef Brad Kilgore’s brings local products to tables with high-end, new American food served in a urban, trendy, and unique way. After you eat a meal from Alter you will always find yourself drawn back to the industrial open setting eating Chef Kilgore’s divine food. Alter is one of those restaurants that could thrive anywhere in the country, it’s that good.

2. Beaker & Grey

Chef Brian Nasajon brings a “globally-inspired menu” to Wynwood through a variety of dishes from chorizo churros to grilled oxtail or through their fine selection of beverages. Originally a factory space, Beaker & Grey transformed the space making not only your dining experience an enjoyable one, but the scenery too.

3. Cake Thai Kitchen

Cake Thai Kitchen originally located further north has opened its second location in Wynwood. Since the day it has opened in Wynwood Cake Thai Kitchen has been packed, but luckily their new location has more seating as well as outdoor seating. The restaurant offers a variety of thai street food like noodles, curry, rice dishes and thai desserts and more.

4. Coyo Taco

Coyo Taco doesn’t only have rockin tacos, but they also have a hidden bar that’s packed, a good time, and open till late. Coyo Taco differs from other taco restaurants because they serve a variety Mexican street food including traditional and untraditional dishes (such as a quinoa salad with grilled cactus) that are popping with flavor and color.

5. KYU

KYU is a modern Asian style inspired restaurant created by Chef Michael Lewis and General Manager Steven Haigh. KYU is well recognized from all parts of Miami as being the relaxed, sustainable, diverse Asian inspired restaurant that has continued to flawlessly impress.

6. Jack’s Home Cooking

The warm and welcoming restaurant Jack’s serves up nothing less than the feeling of comfort from delicious homemade Italian food. There is nothing that can beat happy hour at Jack’s because all appetizers become $5. Who would pass up homemade Italian crab cakes, eggplant rollatini, calamari, and more for a reasonable price? The best way to define Jack’s is homemade Italian comfort food at its finest. A culinary treat.

7. The Salty Donut

The Salty Donut is notorious for their chef-made, high quality doughnuts that make your mouth water just from a glance of them. Famous for their maple bacon or cheese and guava doughnuts they never seem to disappoint.

Originally a pop-up shop now a store opened everyday The Salty Donut has grown a name for itself with the best tasting doughnuts that has people waiting in lines for.

8. Zak The Baker Deli

Zak the Baker Deli originally just a bread and pastry store has now expanded separating the deli and bakery. Zak once called the “sourdough king” has perfected his bread so seamlessly that it is now sold in a variety of Whole Foods across Florida.

Zak the Baker Deli is a Jewish deli in the heart of Wynwood bringing you the very best corned beef sandwich to the most savory lox and potatoes. Once you try Zak the Baker’s bread you won’t be going back to anything but that.

9. The Wynwood Yard

Different from any other concept here in Miami The Wynwood Yard stays unique and true to their vision. The Wynwood Yard is considered to be a “pop-up entrepreneurial hub” that presents food, drinks, music, dance, art, design, a garden, yoga, and much more.

A variety of food trucks such as Della Test Kitchen, Mr. Bing, Kuenko, and the 9 others fill the yard while their stands a bar in the middle. The Wynwood Yard has a calendar online with a variety of events that they hold. The Wynwood Yard is different, engaging, rare, and a must see.

10. Ono Poke Shop

An increase in poke shops Ono Poke Shop is one that stands out differing from all others. Not only is Ono Poke Shop in Wynwood the cool, chic, happening urban location, but you can create your very own or choose from the alternative selection of dishes.

Ono Poke Shop is an upbeat, fast pace, go to lunch spot for any day with flavorful Hawaiian dishes.


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