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Tokenizing Partnership Interest in Real Estate Transactions Historic Case Study Miami Security Building

April 5, 2019

Metro 1 is excited to be at the forefront of our industry at the intersection of technology and real estate with this historic transaction that can help pave the way for the way real estate and other assets are sold (tokenized) via cryptocurrency and other digital currency. This transaction is one of the largest transactions ever attempted ($260M) in the tokenization of partnership interest in a real estate transaction and it is happening in our back yard. It’s a wonderful case study, which has the promise to help democratize and make the process more transparent, which can open to door to smaller investors and stakeholders who want access to investments that are typically out of their reach.

In this transaction, Inveniam Capital Partners, the buyer, is tokenizing, or selling membership interest to cryptocurrency investors looking to diversify their portfolios as well as QIBs (qualified institutional buyers) in a portfolio of assets ranging from the Security Building in Miami that we are involved in and several other real estate and infrastructure projects nationwide that will be sold through a Dutch auction. It’s been very exciting to go through this process from identifying an escrow agent that would actually hold bitcoin as a deposit and educating ourselves, the investors and the public as to how this process works. Our hope is that in the future, that the through tokenizing of real estate and other assets, smaller investors and stakeholders will have access to investments that are typically out of reach and can potentially help align interests of a community and various types of investments, governments, and institutions. The buyer is currently hard on this transaction and the auction is scheduled to take place in the next few weeks. 

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