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Three Desirable Live/Work Communities

November 19, 2012

Miami is a rapidly growing metropolitan area that features a diverse mix of eclectic neighborhoods, each offering its own unique flavor, culture, atmosphere, and amenities. The following residences are among the most desirable of these “live/work communities,” places offering residents a place to both live and work, without the stress and exhaustion of long commutes.

The Design District real estate market, located just north of Wynwood, is thriving from a flourishing arts and culture scene that is gaining national attention. The community has become a beacon for artists and urban living enthusiasts, leading to the development of unique buildings and aesthetic landscapes that have beautified the area. In addition to its many art shows and events, the design district has a wide selection of condos, homes and townhomes surrounded by unique galleries, restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.

Midtown real estate, located north of Downtown Miami and south of the Design District, is also growing into a major artistic hub, especially in the fashion industry. This modern and well-planned community has become a focal point for cultural, residential, and commercial development, attracting young professionals from all over South Florida. Midtown’s growth has led to the continuous expansion of dining, shopping, and entertainment venues, including annual international art events such as Art Basel.

Edgewater real estate is situated near both the Design District and Midtown, and its closeness to these communities and Downtown Miami has made it a popular place to live. In addition to its newly built mid-rises and high-rises, Edgewater’s waterfront location is known for its beauty, scenery, and eclectic mix of Mediterranean-style historic homes and modern-day condominiums. Its accessibility and diverse selection of homes makes it ideal for professionals who work in nearby neighborhoods.

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