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Taking A Closer Look At Green: The Sustainable Authentic Conference

September 25, 2013

Attend the Sustainable Authentic Conference, October 23-25, 2013 in Miami Beach.

The conference will bring together leaders from Greater Miami and throughout Florida to examine the work in preservation/conservation, arts and culture, green building/sustainability practices, economic development and quality of life. 

Conference themes include:

      • How has the 35-year-old story of creatively inspired economic renewal of Miami Beach influenced the Miami mainland and elsewhere in Florida?
        • What becomes the metro Miami narrative when viewed through 2,000 years of history from the Miami Circle to Art Basel?
          • At a time when Florida’s main markets for tourism and investment grow increasingly urban, place-focused and creative driven, how might urban Florida better tell its own authentic story?

      Also, please be sure to check out the session titled:

      Views on the Miami Metro Narrative, featuring:
      Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, FAIA, principal, Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company

      Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk FAIA is a global practitioner of smart growth, sustainable development, community planning, and a founding board member of the New Urbanism, already in 1993, the year of the movement’s founding, characterized by The New York Times as “the most important phenomenon to emerge in American architecture in the post Cold War era.” 

      Join the inquiry. Improve our outlook. Improve Florida. 

      Members of local co-sponsoring organizations are eligible for a special three day conference rate of $125, including the entire program, hosted meals and special offerings and events.

      For further information and sponsorship opportunities, contact:

      Denis Russ:  305-672-4782 / Denis [at]

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