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Sustainability Services

Many commercial real estate companies like to say they follow sustainable practices. At Metro 1, sustainability drives every decision we make.

We educate our clients—and the general public—about the benefits of the green building movement and related sustainable, community initiatives, urban core redevelopment and infill development. We are committed to sustainable building practices that minimize environmental impacts, improve energy efficiency and air quality, conserve water, and promote recycling.

We practice what we preach. Headquartered in the heart of Wynwood, our state-of-the-art offices sit in an industrial retail warehouse community at the epicenter of the metropolitan and cultural redevelopment of the new urban Miami. We don’t just believe in revitalization, we are active participants in Miami’s urban core revival.

With its strong focus on sustainable urban real estate solutions, our team has the tools and the experience to help you create a green project from the ground up or retrofit an existing property. We offer strategic advice and investment ideas that can help drive immediate ROI.

Our sustainability services include:

  • Site selection
    When you involve Metro 1 at the inception of your commercial real estate project, we can help you maximize cost-saving potential. We assist in site selection and concept creation that focuses on a sustainable design that could help you obtain zoning and planning approvals more quickly.
  • Metro 1 Green Consultation
    Our “green team” offers strategic advice on using recycled and sustainable materials and energy-saving technology. Our consultation services include energy audits, indoor air quality surveys, water efficiency reports, construction and retrofit cost estimates and recommendations for creating a carbon neutral property. Our design consultation offers a comprehensive look at the sustainable energy opportunities available at a specific location and will incorporate architecture, cost estimates, interior design, landscape design, planning and aesthetics.
  • Green improvements for existing buildings
    In today’s competitive leasing market, savvy landlords are exploring how making eco-friendly improvements to existing buildings can help them win tenants looking for the cost-saving, productivity and employee health benefits of green buildings.
  • Green marketing
    During your green building development or renovation, M1 Marketing can help you generate positive publicity by communicating your green credentials to community stakeholders, investors or tenants that are increasingly aware of environmental issues.


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