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The Rise of Co-Working Spaces in Miami: How The Remote Professionals Get Motivated

February 8, 2017

The LAB Miami, Credit: The New Tropic

A recent Huffington Post article credited the nationwide rise of co-working spaces to an increasing trend of freelance and/or independent workers. According to their research, almost one-third of the American workforce today is either freelance or otherwise considered independent. For that reason, many workers are becoming more isolated, which might lead to a decrease in self-motivation. This, of course, can be cured – or at least circumvented – by the co-working space. 

“Although many in the U.S. still have not heard of co-working, it will be a critical part of the evolving workforce. Starbucks coined the term “third space,” which became an alternative to a home office, or a place to escape the office when you wanted to get work done,” said Huffington Post.

This trend is growing in Miami, too. We’ve come up with a list of the top three co-working spaces in Miami, which are providing a great way for young, 21st century professionals to get motivated without setting foot inside a corporate office.


This is one of the best-known co-working spaces in Miami because it has been around the longest. Located in the heart of trendy Brickell, MiamiShared is an office with a modern design and, perhaps, more amenities than any young professional could ever want or need in a shared space.



Another popular co-working space in Miami is The LAB, geared mostly toward student professionals and those who work with young people. The LAB has a very hands-on staff and is frequently commended for having some of the most helpful workers.

CREDIT: The Knight Foundation 

Yo Space

Finally, there’s Yo Space, which is a co-working space designed specifically for artistic and creative professionals. Are you a graphic designer, a Photoshop whiz or a cartoonist? You will love the artistic freedom that Yo Space grants to artistic professionals just like you.

The commercial Miami real estate market is growing quickly with the rise of these shared, co-working spaces. With the promise that more young professionals will flex their muscles in a shared workspace, the Miami economy will only continue to thrive.

CREDIT: Miami New Times


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