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Plans for 1000 Museum Set to Be Announced

February 26, 2013

Plans for one of the most anticipated but little-known real estate projects in Miami will soon be announced. A report in Miami Condo Investments, a leading analyst of the local real estate industry, has provided more information on this exciting development. 

The wait is almost over.  The new Zaha Hadid development to be located at 1000 Biscayne Boulevard will be formally announced next week.  It had been expected to be called 1000 Biscayne Tower but that is no longer the case.  The developers have instead decided to call the luxury residential high-rise 1000 Museum.


Over the past two months, there has been a lot of buzz and excitement surrounding this upcoming development.  The internationally acclaimed architect, Zaha Hadid, has a huge cult-like following all around the world, and for good reason.  Her resume is impeccable with a laundry list of achievements and award-winning past projects.  As a result, I expect condos at 1000 Museum to sell quickly.  This development, however, will not be for the average buyer.  My sources tell me that this development will target the rich who are looking to not only invest in a luxury residence in Miami but also buy into a work of art that will be known all around the world.  It is expected to set a new bar for condo prices in Downtown Miami.  I would not be surprised to see prices for condos at 1000 Museum hit $1,000 per square foot out of the gate.


By the way, I did a little research to see if I could substantiate the news which was provided to me yesterday.  I discovered that Louis Birdman, one of 1000 Museum’s two developers, registered the domain on January 9, 2013.  If that’s not enough proof then I don’t know what is.  Stay tuned because I will have a lot to report on this exciting project in the weeks ahead.

Even without further details, it’s clear that 100 Museum will likely be one of the biggest and most luxurious additions to Downtown Miami Real Estate in the years to come. In the wake of a punishing recession, the city is experiencing a renaissance of innovative and ambitious developments in both commercial and residential Miami Properties. To learn more about this and other real estate developments, or to get involved in this rewarding and dynamic market, contact Metro 1 Properties at 305-571-9991.

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