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Midtown Miami Wins Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year

January 7, 2013

Curbed Miami, an online newsletter about Miami neighborhoods and real estate, has recently awarded Midtown the 2012 Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year. Midtown surpassed the runner up ,Lincoln Road, by 20 percentage points, and beat out other prominent communities such as Sunset Harbour and Coconut Grove. The winner was selected by Curbed Miami readers.

Curbed Miami identified some of Midtown’s key strengths and why it came ahead of Lincoln Road, which had long been one of the most popular communities in Miami:

While Lincoln Roadhas developed over decades, risen and fallen in popularity, been converted from a vehicular road to a pedestrian one, and gradually added architecture of widely varying styles and eras, Midtown is essentially all of that on super-fast-forward. Midtown was designed in one sweeping blow, partially executed, left incomplete in the real estate crash, and almost as gradually made exciting again with people, art, street life, and picture perfect urbanity. And yet despite its pleasentville-meets-Manhattan impression, Midtown’s urban vitality has become real. Lincoln Road, as authentic as it gets, is also heavy with tourists, threatening that very realism, some might say.

Midtown is located north of Downtown Miami and south of the Design District, and has become a growing hub for art and fashion, attracting young professionals and urban enthusiasts from all over the world. Subsequently, this rapidly-growing city has seen a boom in commercial and residential development that has made Midtown Real Estate among the most sought-after in the country. Midtown’s recent award is a testament to its status as a chic and fun city with a high standard of living.

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