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Little Haiti

Culturally Diverse
neighborhood known as Little Haiti.

The recently officially designated Little Haiti neighborhood sits between I-95, NE/NW 80th ST, North 54 St and NE 2 Ave. Little Haiti is a thriving neighborhood that got its name due to the large amount of Haitian immigrant residents that originally settled in the area in the 1970’s. Little Haiti is also home to many other immigrants from other Caribbean countries which also continue to add to the complex and rich cultural fabric of the neighborhood.

Today, the neighborhood is well known for an emerging art scene due to existing and new artists that have been moving to the neighborhood. Some art galleries have also relocated from Wynwood including: Emerson Dorsch, Nina Johnson, Mindy Solomon Gallery and Pan American Art Projects.

Little Haiti is also home to a variety of unique businesses and restaurants that best represent the Caribbean flavors and culture including Chef Creole, Clive’s Cafe, Lella’s Restaurant and  Chez Le Bebe.

One cannot said that one have been in Little Haiti without visiting the Little Haiti Cultural center. The center originally conceived in 2006 serves as the beacon for the neighborhood. The adaptable space includes a theatre, an art gallery, different event spaces, community venues, dance studios with the ultimate mission of promoting the diverse Afro-Caribbean community that exists in the neighborhood.



Representative Art Galleries:

Little Haiti Cultural Center
212-260 NE 59th Ter., Miami;

294 NE 62nd St. Miami, FL, 33138.,;

IRL Institute
8395 NE Second Ave., Miami;

6308 NW Second Ave., Miami;

Laundromat Art Space
5900 NE Second Ave., Miami;

Mindy Solomon Gallery
8397 NE Second Ave., Miami;

Spinello Projects
7221 NW Second Ave., Miami;

Nina Johnson
6315 NW Second Ave., Miami;

Pan American Art Projects
Main space at 6300 NW Second Ave., Miami; annex at 274 NE 67th St., Miami;

Yeelen Gallery
294 NW 54th St., Miami;

Emerson Dorsch
5900 NW Second Ave., Miami;


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