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October 23, 2012

Welcome to the Metro 1 Properties Blog! Here you can find out anything and everything about Miami properties, events, business and other happenings. Metro 1 Properties has been active in the sale of real estate throughout Miami’s major urban and suburban communities. With main focuses in Midtown, Design District, Downtown Miami,

Edgewater and more – the Metro 1 Properties Blog will serve as a valuable resource for keeping updated on these up-and-coming communities. Of course, Metro 1 Properties will mainly focus on real estate news both from the company and local real estate industry itself; however, there will also be a fair amount of articles posted about local happenings, news and more.

Metro 1 Properties Blog’s focus on real estate comes from the vast experience Metro 1 has in Miami real estate. Communities like the Design District, Midtown and Edgewater are developing at rates greater than most Miami communities. With condominiums like Midtown 2, Midtown 4, 900 Biscayne and more creating real buzz around the Miami condo market. Communities like the Design District are experiencing an influx in commercial development which is in-turn making the community a great live/work area which is important for modern professionals. Homes in the area range from brand new modern homes to traditional Mediterranean revival-style homes built in the golden age of South Florida real estate (1930’s).

Anyone familiar with the Metro 1 Company knows that real estate isn’t our sole interest. We are advocates of urban living and support all the efforts of city planners to create communities that are more livable by modern standards. The midtown area has made great strides to implement development practices that both beautify the area and make it easier for people to live, travel and enjoy their community. Because of our support for continued smart development – we’ll also be publishing articles about community development news that makes all of our communities interest even better places to live.

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