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Metro 1 Community Names Stacey Glassman Mizener as its First Executive Director.

February 18, 2015

Stacey Glassman Mizener has been named the first executive Director for Metro 1 Community, Metro 1’s recently assimilated philanthropic arm. Stacey will be leading the team to further Metro 1’s commitment to corporate social responsibility through education and the allocation of resources – both time and money – to making a positive impact on the communities it serves. She will also be responsible for all fundraising and programming efforts for Metro 1 Community Initiatives. 

Stacey served as Vice President of Marketing & Business Development for Metro 1 for the last year and a half, and is responsible for creating and executing a marketing and communications strategy to achieve the goals of the organization and each major company initiative.

She overhauled the Metro 1’s new branding campaign and was responsible for creating their company messaging including “We Shape Neighborhoods.” During this time, Stacey curated cultural and community partnerships with eight most-deserving organizations.

At this time, Stacey’s efforts will be concentrated on fundraising for Metro 1 Community’s most ambitious initiative: theWynwood Greenhouse. This unique space will become a cornerstone of the community with an on-going cultural and educational content.

GREENHOUSE BOOKLET GELPI -ROVIRA-DRAIN (1)-4Residents and visitors will enjoy music, art, serene lounges, purified water, and Wi-Fi throughout. The sustainable park will also become the epicenter of the community with culture and engaging public programming. The Greenhouse will beautify the neighborhood and attract people to live, work, play, and learn. The fundraising campaign will serve to construct the part, initiate programing and fund community partnerships that are the heart and soul of the Wynwood Greenhouse.


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