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We get real estate—but we also get marketing. That combination offers our clients a strategic advantage in a competitive marketplace.

At M1 Marketing, we tap into synergies between our real estate and marketing divisions to optimize your results. We understand the unique needs of various real estate stakeholders—from developers to investors to capital markets decision-makers and beyond—and we understand the nuances in each market we serve.

Our innovative marketing approaches cost-effectively maximize your global exposure. We subscribe to cutting-edge digital marketing tools and platforms that let us tap into real-time broker, tenant, investor and capital networks globally from our Miami offices.

Metro 1 Marketing delivers smart, customized campaigns that aim to deliver your marketing message to the people who need to hear it. Our process starts by evaluating your real estate venture. We research and identify—and prioritize—your marketing needs and develop a focused strategy that promises measurable results.

Metro 1 Marketing’s proprietary real estate marketing approach combines advertising in high-profile publications with targeted media placements and digital marketing tactics that spark and maintain a dialogue with over 60,000 active clients, business partners, neighborhood shareholders, community influencers and social media followers.

But we don’t stop there. Our approach also integrates grassroots messaging with viral campaigns, graffiti logos, real estate lifestyle branding, guerilla marketing and search engine optimization. We also execute PR campaigns that distinguish your property in a crowded market, combining media relations and promotional events that complement targeted advertising campaigns.

Strong partnerships with community organizations, including a diverse group of philanthropists, help you rise above the noise and build trust with key stakeholders. The Metro 1 Marketing platform includes cutting-edge events at unique locations that provide an arena for bringing tenants, landlords and developers together. We incorporate music, art and philanthropy to help forge strategic partnerships that help us promote—and ultimately lease or sell—your real estate.

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