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Caring for the communities in which we work is paramount to our corporate mission and has always been woven into the DNA of who we are.

Nothing is more important to us than seeing urban core neighborhoods thrive—and for neighborhoods to thrive, the nonprofits and organizations that serve them have to thrive as well. M1 Community was developed with an awareness that corporate consciousness and social responsibility are more than just buzzwords and that practicing sustainability means having a long-term vision for the spaces and places we invest in. And along the way, we’ve recognized that what’s good for our neighborhoods is actually good for us, too.

Our M1 Community initiative runs through every project we engage, shaping the way we do business. From measured actions to benefit the environment to creating diversity in our partnerships and mindshare by involving local thought leaders, to giving back our “time, talent and treasure” to the organizations directly serving residents and businesses–our mission is always to leave the neighborhoods we touch better than we found them. Metro 1 team members and volunteers are dedicated to building human-to-human connections with community organizations, assuming leadership roles, and serving as the ambassadors between our business and the people who call our communities “home.”

Some of our M1 Community past partners include The New World SymphonyPerez Art Museum Miami, Lotus HouseSurfrider FoundationEpilepsy FoundationYoga Gangsters, Moksha Foundation, Urban Paradise, and more. We invite you to join us in our mission. Contact us to find out how you can partner with us, or learn more about our current projects.


In Little Haiti, locally-owned businesses and the employees who work for them are suffering an existential crisis due to COVID-19. These are some of the most vulnerable businesses in our community, and they are now facing the possibility of never being able to open their doors again. Losing these businesses will hurt real people, and real families, and erode the culturally rich fabric of one of Miami’s most culturally significant neighborhoods. We need your help today.

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