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November 26, 2012

Are you looking for Miami properties in Midtown, Wynwood, Design District or Brickell? We are sure you have visited multiple websites and previewed dozens of properties to no avail. Let Metro 1 Properties handle all of your property search needs in cities and communities in the Miami area. has a great search function that allows you to narrow down search by city, zip code, price and more. Furthermore, as soon as you find the perfect property, Metro 1 Properties real estate agents are standing by to help buy or rent your desired condo or home. While Metro 1 Properties agents can assist in real estate transactions for properties across South Florida, they are especially adept at real estate in urban areas like Downtown, Midtown, Wynwood and more.

Using the search function is easy. Simple go to and access the search function in the “Search Properties” section. Metro 1 Properties makes it even easier to browse real estate by having the search function available on the home page of the website on the left panel. Additionally, users can scroll to the bottom of every page to find the properties listed by Neighborhood.

The search function has a simple form to fill out that includes property type, city, zip code, listing price range, bedrooms, bathrooms and more. You can further customize your search by adding minimum square footage, pool, waterfront and year built. After entering in the correct fields, users will be able to choose properties based on their preferences.

If you are fixed on a specific community like Wynwood real estate, users can click on the Wynwood link in the Neighborhood section. This will bring up neighborhood information on Wynwood, as well as all listings currently available there. As soon as a property is found, fill out the contact form and an agent will be in touch as soon as possible. You can also scroll through the “Our Team” section to choose a realtor of their liking. Metro 1 Properties is a leading real estate company in the sale of Midtown, Wynwood and Design District real estate – anyone interested in property in these areas should contact them immediately.

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