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IKEA Breaking Ground May 7th – Ahead of Schedule

April 29, 2013

IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, is finally opening up its first store south of Sunrise– and it’s due to open well ahead of schedule, according to a report by Curbed Miami, an online source for local real estate news.

“Unlike really anything in South Florida, the new giant Ikea going up in Sweetwater is totally ahead of schedule. According to the Miami New Times the Swedish furniture giant is breaking ground May 7th and expects to be open and ready for shoppers eager for their super-economical stuff in 2014.”

This development comes only 5 years after its first Florida store opened in Sunrise. Its location will be just north of Dolphin Mall, facing the east side of the Florida Turnpike. This area of Miami is not only fast-growing and well-connected, but it also serves as a major focal point for international travelers, thanks to its high density of shops and restaurants.

This likely factored into the company’s decision to open its second Florida store relatively nearby: both the transient and resident population has increased markedly over the years, and South Florida continues to break records in terms of annual visitors (indeed, 2010 saw what was then the largest influx of visitors to Miami Beach alone).

Another article from Curbed provides more details about this promising new project:

[The store will be] 417,000 square feet. That’s way larger than South Florida’s only other IKEA, a 293,000 square foot store in Sunrise, FL, but not quite as large as theU.S.’s largest store in Schaumburg,Illinois, which is 450,000 square feet.


How will they fit so much store on a 14.6 acre site that’s actually smaller than the Sunrisespot? Well, it’s being built on top of two levels of parking. The store will also feature about 10,000 IKEA products, 50 room settings, 3 model home interiors, and a 500 seat restaurant serving Swedish specialties…

Needless to say, this new addition to Miami Real Estate will provide a welcome boost to the local economy, to say nothing of solidifying the city’s role as a major commercial hub. To learn more about this and other amazing Miami Properties, contact leading local specialist Metro 1 Property at 305-571-9991.


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