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With Miami officially in another construction boom, development sales are getting more competitive. Working with a development sales team that understands the overall market climate—and understands the distinctions of the community in which your development is launching—is critical to success.

Case Study

Metro 1 Properties is the exclusive marketing and leasing broker for the Filling Station Lofts. Our team sold the land, assembled an award-winning team of sales professionals, and envisioned and executed a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy. We created all visuals, branded the project and helped tell the story about an emerging neighborhood, the Arts and Entertainment District.

Our sales team is ready to launch on August 15 and already has more than 200 leads for this 81-unit loft building. Our commercial team has curated unique tenants to add value to the residents and neighborhood in general.

Our marketing campaigns include:

  • Custom website:
  • Custom brochure
  • Custom video
  • Professional photography
  • Custom flyers
  • Unique social media campaign
  • Advertising
  • Targeted messaging to more than 60,000 users
  • Property tours

Although Metro 1 Properties can enter the process at any stage, our team of experts is recognized for its hands on approach, partnering with your team to conceptualize and execute project development—from land acquisition to marketing, design and sell out.

Our vision and philosophy is to shape neighborhoods while making a positive community impact by exploring sustainable options and forging relationships with community leaders, industry experts, arts organizations and local non-profits.

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