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Car2Go Adds More Parking on Miami Beach

January 4, 2013

Car2go, Miami’s biggest car-sharing service, has added more ‘in home area’ parking in the garage at 500 Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. This will add well-needed space for clients, and make the increasingly popular service even more convenient. Earlier, the company had also secured home parking on the 6th floor of the Lincoln Garage at 1691 Michigan Avenue, for permanent use by its members.

Furthermore, according to Car2go’s December member newsletter, the company is about to launch a partnership with DecoBike, their bicycle-sharing counterpart, that will allow Car2go members to receive discounted DecoBike memberships. This will make it easier for users to switch modes of transportation, which will be useful given Miami’s unpredictable traffic and the ease of riding bicycles rather than cars in certain parts of the city.

Indeed, the recent expansion is a testament to the success of Car2go’s unique business model, which allows members to utilize the distinct and compact car2gos wherever and whenever they find one – there are over 200 located throughout Miami, from Little Havana to Coconut Grove). Clients can also book online 30 minutes before driving one, and only have to pay when they use it (there are no monthly fees or rental subscriptions). Once at your destination, you can either leave the vehicle, or return to it if you wish to drive further. Car2gos are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and small enough to make weaving through traffic or fitting into otherwise tight parking spaces easier.

Needless to say, innovative and creative ideas like this are a testament to the dynamism and pioneering spirit of Miami. Novel ideas like Car2go are emerging all over the city, in turn drawing entrepreneurs and urban living enthusiasts from all over the world. It’s no wonder Miami Properties are so highly sought after. To enjoy some of the fine living and novel amenities of this booming city, contact Metro 1 Properties at 305-571-9991.

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