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Spotlight On Buena Vista, One Of The Most Sought-After Neighborhoods in Miami

April 8, 2016

Nestled comfortably between Little Haiti/Lemon City and the Design District in Miami, Florida is Buena Vista, a leafy residential neighborhood that serves as an oasis of tropical plant life and vintage homes within the urban sprawl we all fondly know as South Florida. Buena Vista is a highly sought-after neighborhood that includes the Buena Vista East Historic District, which features amazing architecture from the 1920’s Miami Land Boom, like impressive Art Deco and Craftsman homes. Buena Vista, which sits just a few blocks from Biscayne Bay is bordered to the south by downtown Miami & Little Haiti, sits just a few blocks from Biscayne Bay, and borders the luxury retail shops being built in the Design District.

A brief history of Buena Vista.

In the late 1800’s, Buena Vista was a small village that was growing at a rapid pace, equal to that of nearby Miami. Interestingly enough, the historic district of Buena Vista started as a pineapple plantation. And, at one point in time, Buena Vista was considered its own town – with a town hall and post office. Additionally, Buena Vista was also once home to some of Miami’s most elite residents, including ambassadors, businesses moguls, and more!

The charming district of Buena Vista continued to grow throughout the turn of the 20th century, until it was annexed by Miami in the mid 1920’s. This was around the time when wealthy residents were building elaborate estates of coral rock and mosaic tile, which featured ornate Mediterranean courtyards with mango and avocado groves. Some of these amazing houses with 6 bedrooms or more still exist today!

“The houses reflect their original owners’ rising social status and include fine examples of Mediterranean Revival, Mission, Craftsman, and Art Deco style residences,” explains the City of Miami Planning Department.


What is Buena Vista like today?

Now centrally located amongst the hottest areas in the city, Buena Vista is definitely one of the most sought after neighborhoods for living in Miami. Currently, prices for available properties, and property types for rent and for sale in Buena Vista vary widely and can include small apartments and condos to large residential dwellings with multiple stories on large plots of land.

The neighborhood, which remains rich in nature and history, offers locals quick access to popular spots like Wynwood, South Beach, Coconut Grove, Little River, the Miami International Airport, and I-95. Plus, with the resurgence of nearby Downtown Miami, along with significant revitalization in the Design District and other surrounding areas, more investors are taking notice of Buena Vista’s historic charm and potential. New restaurants, real estate developments, and retail shops are regularly opening in Buena Vista, meaning real estate prices are likely to continue rising as a result.


One prime example of a desirable new mixed-use development is Buena Vista Villas at 4510 NE 2nd Avenue. This new development will feature twelve residential units with full accommodations, as well as neighborhood retail space on the ground level. Residents of Buena Vista Villas will truly be able to eat, shop, and live right within walking distance of the trendy Design District.

Whether it’s the architecture, the historic tree-lined streets, or the general ambiance, there’s something that people just can’t get enough with a charming historical neighborhood like Buena Vista in Miami, Florida. If you’re one of those people who craves historical neighborhoods, and you are in the market to purchase commercial or residential property in Miami, then you need to call Metro1 today on (305) 909-6775 to ensure you find what you visualized for your Miami real estate investments.

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