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Cool Spots In Brickell You Should Check Out ASAP

September 15, 2016


Located along the Miami River and bordered by Little Havana, Allapattah, Coral Way, Coconut Grove, and Downtown Miami, the up & coming Brickell neighborhood is home to a growing number of towering financial centers, luxury condos, trendy restaurants & bars, and much more. Brickell is quickly becoming a hub for young professionals who want to live, work, and play amongst endless sunshine in a reputable business hub.

Long referred to as Downtown Miami’s ambitious sibling, Brickell is experiencing its own renaissance with its glass and concrete business buildings that now comprise Miami’s financial center. A popular destination for locals of the “Manhattan of the South” is Mary Brickell Village, a two-block long strip of restaurants, bars, shops, clubs, and more along Miami Avenue. However, if you plan to spend some time in Brickell, you would do well to check out one of the seven area businesses we have identified in this Brickell spotlight.

Seven places for you to make the most of your time in Brickell

1. Sugar:

The new Brickell City Centre is definitely something that needs to be checked out immediately upon its grand opening in November of this year. This unique complex will feature five towers on top of a big shopping centre in the middle of Brickell. The complex will include two residential buildings and two smaller tower office buildings. The coolest part of the whole centre is the rooftop bar planned to be located on the top of the hotel, called “Sugar”. This rooftop bar will certainly have some of the best views in Miami. Sugar will be facing Biscayne Bay, which will provide a full view of city. If you are visiting Miami, this rooftop bar has to be on your to-do list so you can get the full Miami experience. Unfortunately, you will likely end up paying a good amount for drinks, but it will be worth it.


2. Four Seasons Hotel:

The iconic Four Seasons Hotel has been a staple of Miami ever since its construction was completed in 2003. This humongous high rise is not only the tallest building in Miami, but it is the tallest building in all of Florida. If you can find an excuse to spend a night in this amazing hotel, you better jump on it, because this place is a thing of beauty. This beautiful hotel sits right at the bottom of Brickell and looks out over all of Miami – with many claiming that this building is where the best views of the city can be found. Additionally, it features a gorgeous pool deck that is located about halfway up the building. While this hotel can be very pricey to stay at, it is definitely worth checking out if you are ever in the neighborhood.

3. Blackbird Ordinary:

Blackbird, the most famous bar in Brickell, is conveniently located right behind the West tower of the new Brickell City Centre. This legendary bar has two distinct sections, an inside bar that is nice & cozy and a humongous backyard area that tends to get extremely packed on a nightly basis. The backyard area of Blackbird is where most people tend to drift towards. It’s a great area that also features a stage in back that is always open to be rented out. This bar has been the most popular in Brickell for a good amount of time now, and if you are thinking about going out in this area, you have to stop by Blackbird.

4. The EDGE Steak & Bar:

This luxurious restaurant is located inside the magnificent Four Seasons Hotel. The food is absolutely delicious and unlike other steakhouses in South Beach, the EDGE is actually affordable – and features just about the same quality food. If you are trying to get the best possible steak in all of Miami, then you need to take a trip over to EDGE.

5. Club Fifty:

Club Fifty is located on the 50th floor of one of the ICON buildings – way above the streets of Miami. This means that you can enjoy amazing views from everywhere inside this luxurious club. Furthermore, this is the only club in Miami with rooftop services. They even have a pool area located at the top of the building that is connected to the club. That’s why many iconic DJ’s come by this distinct club to play for the crowds and celebrities stop by to be seen. If you want to make the most of a night out in Brickell, you should definitely look into making reservations for this club.


6. American Social:

American Social is a wonderful place to eat and is ideally located on the Miami River, right behind the Brickell City Centre. This iconic spot is well-known for catering to celebrities, who can park their yacht right out front. Consequently, one of the most popular features of this bar is the fact that you can drive right up and park – in your boat! This part of town, situated right on the Miami river, is an interesting place and is definitely worth checking out. Furthermore, the delicious brunch offerings at American Social will make you want to become a regular.

7. Blue Martini:

Blue Martini is a chain of restaurants, but this specific location in Brickell is unique. The bar, which gets very packed nearly every night, features a different crowd than most other bars in Miami. Unfortunately, the drinks aren’t too cheap here – but the atmosphere is unbeatable. Blue Martini is located in the dead center of Brickell, right by everything. So, if you ever need a place to go out in Brickell, Blue Martini should always be one of your first stops.

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