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Allapattah – One Of Miami’s Fastest Growing Neighborhoods

April 21, 2016

Within Miami’s patchwork of colorful neighborhoods is Allapattah. Bordered by 6th Avenue NW to 27th Avenue South and from NW North River Drive to 38th Street, Allapattah is a historic area of Miami just north and west of the Civic Center, Marlins Stadium, Wynwood, and much more.

“Located just east of Wynwood, about five miles from the Miami international airport, surrounded by major highways and serviced by the Metrorail and Metrobus transit systems, and with an existing stock of underutilized industrial and commercial properties – Allapattah is well positioned for re-investment and economic revitalization,” says the University of Miami.

Why is Allapattah considered one of Miami’s fastest growing neighborhoods?

Location, location, location. Along with rock-bottom real estate prices, Allapattah’s proximity to hot-spots like the Design District, Midtown, Bayside, the Health District around Jackson Memorial Hospital with accessibility to expressways, the airport, downtown, Miami Beach, and more have compelled investors to buy up everything they can get their hands on. Additionally, access to public transportation and the fact that Allapattah is next to the airport has certainly contributed to this neighborhood’s quick evolution.

Case in point – the Rubell family recently bought a warehouse in Allapattah at 1101 Northwest 23rd Street. This continues a trend of investors buying and renovating warehouse and industrial space in Allapattah, similar to how Wynwood has been transformed over the past five years. These investors are hoping that the neighborhood’s current transformation will continue over the next 10 to 15 years.  

“In the roughly five-square-mile Allapattah neighborhood of Miami, one of the city’s oldest, home values are rising at a faster clip than the multimillion dollar mansions of Miami Beach,” reports the Miami Herald. “In the last year, home values in this working-class community are up nearly 24 percent, according to data collected by online real estate company Zillow. The Miami-Dade County average is 8.6 percent.”

A brief history of Allapattah

Allapattah, whose name is derived from the Seminole Indian language word meaning alligator, was a predominantly agricultural region in the early 20th century – with a thoroughly Deep South culture. Since then, Allapattah has become a magnet for many immigrant communities, including Dominican Republicans, Cubans, and Central Americans, over the past 100-plus years – as the neighborhood has transitioned into a more blue collar, working class area.

Allapattah is also known as Little Santo Domingo. Locals have been calling the area by this nickname, which recognizes that Dominicans comprise a significant portion of this neighborhood residents, for nearly a decade now.

Currently, residents of Allapattah comprise a melting pot of people from all across the Caribbean, Central America, and Latin America – particularly the Dominican Republic. The area is well-known for its very diverse population – with many residents living in historic homes from the 1920s and 1930s in tree-lined, family-friendly residential neighborhoods.

Allapattah Miami Florida Little Santo Domingo Dominican Republic flag

What to do in Allapattah

There are endless options for entertainment in Allapattah. Some of the most popular activities for area residents, as well as people visiting, are enjoying a wonderful dinner in one of several popular neighborhood restaurants, visiting a popular park, becoming immersed in the area’s nightlife, and much, much more.

For some good eats, head to Papo Llega Y Pon and spend some time with the locals at the outdoor bar. Indulge in authentic Cuban cuisine, delicious drinks, and wonderful ambiance. But, make sure to bring cash! Or, check out Em’s Restaurant and their mix of homestyle Chinese & Latin American dishes.

You can take a stroll or a jog around the trails of one of the awesome parks found throughout the vicinity, like Juan Pablo Duarte Park or Curtis Park. Tennis & basketball courts, race tracks, soccer fields, and several baseball fields can provide hours of fun.

And be sure to head out for an amazing night of drinks and dancing at L’Boulevard Cafe. Or, get down with those in the know at Club Tipico Dominicano – where you and your group can feast on some steamed tilapia in coconut sauce, or something else similarly delicious.

Where can I find available property in Allapattah?

Allapattah is home to a large concentration of medical centers and research facilities. Additionally, along the north bank of the Miami River, young professionals are renting out apartments and condos because of easy access to jobs downtown.

If you are interested in checking out available property in the emerging North Allapattah district of Miami, call Metro 1 today on (305) 909-6775. Metro 1 has space available in the only office tower serving the North Allapattah area.

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