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A Petition Arises Against SkyRise

June 25, 2014

Grove activist Charles Corda sent out an open letter this weekend explaining why the proposed 1000 foot SkyRise Miami observation tower should not be built on public land, but then again, should any private enterprise be built on private land?

He explained how developer Jeff Berkowitz is scamming everyone into thinking that visitors and the public will visit the thing in huge numbers, but as Charles shows, there is no way the Miami structure is going to draw more visitors than famous places like the Empire State Building or Eiffel Tower.

“Mr. Berkowitz has declared that ‘SkyRise’ will attract 3,200,000 visitors per year. That number breaks down to 8,767 visitors per day,” says Charles.

After doing the math, it looks as if Mr. Berkowitz figures that SkyRise will capture almost 20% of the visitors to Miami, which seems quite high, according to Charles who figured that the Statue of Liberty only receives 7.3% of New York visitors, while the Statue of Liberty receives 6.1% of New York visitors and Eiffel Tower’s capture rate is less than 10% of visitors. Will 20% of Miami’s visitors want to visit SkyRise?

But that really is not the issue here. The issue is the City of Miami giving away publicly owned land to a privatly owned property, which has a clause to sublease space to a casino. Public land for a private casino?

After doing all the math, Charles says, “In the final analysis this clearly appears to be a high risk project on PubliclyOwned Land. Due to the possible extraordinary expense the City may incur if this project fails I respectfully suggest that Mr. Berkowitz build his project
somewhere else and certainly not on our Public Land.”

As usual, blogger Al Crespo has all the documents here to show what a scam the whole thing is and how Jeff Berkowitz pulls figures out of the air, none of which make sense.

There is a petition now, created by Charles Corda, which states:

“The construction of the 1000′ SkyRise Miami Observation Tower, Amusement Center, and possible Casino, on our Publicly Owned Land  has the potential to be a financial and environmental disaster for the City of Miami. If this massive high risk 1000′ tall project fails, the extraordinary costs involved will burden the taxpayers of Miami with higher taxes and reduced services for a great many years to come. If it succeeds the environmental impact of this project will create traffic, noise and pollution problems for both the residents and the downtown business community for many decades to come. Either way this project does not belong on land owned by the citizens of the City of Miami.

“The City of Miami Commission should not be gambling with Miami’s future by leasing Public Land for this wildly inappropriate high risk project.”

You may see and/or sign the petition here:


Source:  Coconut Grove Grapevine

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