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7 Unique Places In Little River That You Need To Check Out Now

March 30, 2016


The rapidly developing Little River district in Miami, Florida, while being centrally located just a few minutes from Wynwood, Midtown, the Design District, and Miami Beach, is an untapped area of opportunity that projects an exciting sense of possibility which is quickly capturing the attention of the local design community, as well as garnering nationwide buzz alongside the adjoining Little Haiti area. And, although there’s a current debate over where exactly the Little River area begins and where Little Haiti ends (or if the neighborhood should be called Lemon City), it doesn’t change the fact that the area is changing

Little River is a seemingly vast landscape of industrialization which offers direct access to Downtown Miami and beyond. However, the warehouses in the area serve different industries and have multiple purposes. Which is leading to Little River becoming home to a lot of young creatives who are turning this area into the hip new spot to live, work, and play in South Florida. 

This vibrant neighborhood – which is bordered by El Portal to the north, by Little Haiti (Lemon City) to the south, by Palm Grove Historic District to the east, and by West Little River to the west – is now attracting a flood of designers, artists, galleries, restaurants, and more. Signs of Little River’s impending transformation are all around. Just ask Jon Warech, who wrote in an article for Ocean Drive Magazine that, “The official sign that this neighborhood has made it—Panther Coffee—is coming soon to the hood with a 3,000-square-foot coffee shop/training facility.” It’s easy to see why, with affordable prices and a budding creative arts scene, this up-and-coming hot spot is poised to become the city’s next big hub. 


However, Little River shares a vibrant and rich cultural history and make up, right alongside Little Haiti and Lemon City. The formerly industrial neighborhood takes its name from the Little River that passes through the northern part of Miami and empties into Biscayne Bay. The neighborhood of Little River was annexed by the city of Miami in 1925, although it was originally established in the late 1800s, and has grown and changed over time. And now the area is transforming once again! 

7 places in Little River that you will regret not visiting. 

  1. Miami Ironside – Composed of various showrooms, studios, and coworking spaces, Miami Ironside is home to a diverse group of architects, interior designers, material & furniture designers, boutique retailers, creatives services, art galleries, pizza shops, and more! 
  1. Cathedral of St. Mary – This historic church, which was originally built in 1929, is the only cathedral in Miami! 
  1. Blue Collar – A 1970s-inspired American restaurant, which serves slightly elevated comfort-food favorites that are delicious. 
  1. Earth N US Farm – Founded in 1977, this 2-acre “urban eco-village” offers community-based activities, vegetarian culinary offerings, and much, much more. 
  1. Little River Studios – A beautiful and stunning production studio which sits on an acre of open land. Clients of Little River Studios include Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, and more. 
  1. Little River Cooperative – Formerly the Little River Market Garden, the Little River Cooperative is made up of multiple vegetable, flower, and herb gardens, and produces 40 varieties of annual vegetables, herbs, and more. 
  1. Fiorito Miami – A restaurant serving delicious Argentine food that was started by a pair of brothers from Cordoba. 

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